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Hello, my name is

Nobpo Payomrat

I'm a

Data Analyst


01. About Me

↳ABOUT ME 😃 One of my notable accomplishments is being awarded a scholarship for my master's degree. Currently, I am employed as an analyst and actively engage in programming activities during my free time, frequently exploring new programming languages. I have experience developing web, iOS, and Android applications from start to finish, although occasionally, I refer to Stack Overflow for guidance.
↳SUMMARY🎯 • 📈 Over 6 years of experience working as an analyst, utilizing machine learning techniques to analyze data and present information through visualization • 💻 Over 9 years of experience as a full-stack developer, competent in the development of websites & application • 😎 Expert in navigating and finding solutions through online resources like Stack Overflow and Google
↳LANGUAGES 🔉 Thai🇹🇭 → Native English🇬🇧 → IELTS 8.0




02. Experience


Office of the National Economic and Social Development Council
Plan & Policy Analyst / Data Analyst

OCSC Scholarship contract

Worked on calculating GDP on a quarterly basis, GPP on a yearly basis, and creating, maintaining, and monitoring various dashboards and tailor-made software.

• GDP Dashboard View

• GPP Dashboard View

• IO Dashboard View

• F/F Dashboard View

• SSO Dashboard View

• HAI Dashboard View

• GPP 2018-2020 Editions View

• Event Registration Website View

• Data Preprocessing Program

• Big Table for GDP prediction

• Data Mining Solution for Public Sources

• GPP Computation and Visualization Platform

• Improve workflow efficiency with Excel VBA automation



Auckland University of Technology
Teaching Assistant - Database

• Database Management System (DBMS)

• Oracle SQL Developer

• Visual Paradigm




Family & Personal Business 📁
Multiple positions

Nobpo Oils (Gas Station ⛽️ 2009-2022)

↳Management in general & Data Analyst

My job involves analyzing sales data and predicting trends using Data Studio visualizations. I prioritize effective stock management due to fluctuating oil prices and ensure accurate forecasting and supply chain optimization

DD15 (Warehouse 🚚)

↳Software Engineer & Graphic Designer

I developed and oversee an online point-of-sale (POS) application that receives orders, sends them to the warehouse, and prints receipts.

eighty9degrees (iOS App Development team 📱)

↳Co-Founder & Developer

We have coded several iOS applications, including Wordzee, a free application designed to help Thai children enhance their English language skills.

03. Education

University of Southampton
MSc Knowledge and Information Systems Management OCSC Scholarship

Completed a dissertation about short-term GBP-THB currency prediction, utilizing multiple machine learning techniques to forecast exchange rates based on both news and raw data.

•Problem Structuring

•Systems Thinking

•IS Management and Strategy

•IS Development

•E-business and Human-Computer Interaction

•Web Applications

•Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence

•Quantitative and Qualitative Research

2017 - 2018
Chulalongkorn University
Computer Science

Senior Project focused on visualisation user’s study View

•Software Project Management

•OO Analysis and Design

•User Interface

•Network Design

•System Analysis and Design

•Operating System

•Data Communication

•Personal Finance

2012 - 2016
Prommanusorn School
National Olympiad in Informatics - Camp 1 2006 - 2012

04. Portfolio

🖥 Website (Full Stack*) Related Skills: View ↳Online Electronic Will encrypt with SHA256 View ↳A tailor-made website created for NESDC View ↳Website for hosting events View ↳Website for randomly discovering restaurants View ↳Car review website View ↳Online leave request platform for civil servants *All of the websites listed were fully developed solely by me. For some of them, I utilized a self-edited Bootstrap theme to streamline development and reduce turnaround time.
📱 iOS Application Related Skills: WORDZEE ↳An English self-learning game co-developed with my friend LOTTO CAM View ↳A meme app that uses image processing to convert pictures into unique two-digit numbers, which can be used to buy lotto tickets
📱 Android Application Related Skills: EVENTMAGE ↳Using for event check-in process of *These applications were created exclusively for SUNMI devices, which feature EDC and thermal printers, and are exclusively available on the SUNMI store. The applications incorporate a self-developed identification system for Thai citizen cards using EDC (Electronic Data Capture) and a ticket printing function. The website and application both utilize the same No-SQL database for optimal check-in efficiency. Sunmi EDC devices View
📈 Dashboard Related Skills: GDP Dashboard View ↳Dashboard for Gross Domestic Product GPP Dashboard View ↳Dashboard for Gross Provincial Product IO Dashboard View ↳Dashboard for Input-Output Tables F/F Dashboard View ↳Dashboard for Flow - Of - Funds Accounts of Thailand SSO Dashboard View ↳Dashboard for Thailand Social's Outlook HAI Dashboard View ↳Dashboard for Human Achievement Index GII Dashboard View ↳Dashboard for Global Innovation Index Economic Vs Social Analysis Dashboard View ↳Dashboard for comparing social sentiment analysis with the growth of GPP

05. Photo

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